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7th Dec 2013

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Great free photo galleries

The internet has allowed everyone to enter the world of many possibilities that were not available for most of the people before. However, in such a huge amount of data, and more than half a billion websites out there, it is hard to find what you exactly need.

Some search engines make all of this searching quite easy, but there is one major problem when it comes to photography. They search according to words, and yes you can add tags to your photos and describe them, but there are millions out there and you will barely be able to scroll through a couple thousand of them.

What should you do?

Find a nice online photo gallery of a photographic society, like the Desborough & Rothwell and search for pictures there. Don't use Chrome or Explorer to explore the whole web, because that will be huge amounts of work and hardly possible to do. Pixabay might be the right choice, since their database is huge and they take their job quite seriously. An important part there is that everyone can be a contributor, but the pictures need to be selected by professionals and evaluated, whether they are relevant, so you won't stumble across any garbage.

One of the more 'free' galleries is Juicebox, where you can still find everything, but you will have a much bigger choice, and therefore you will need to spend more time doing the searching. You can find royalty free photos and even galleries on Shutterfly. In case you want to build your own gallery and share it with the world, you will be able to do so by using some of the responsive gallery templates that you can find everywhere around the internet. These are quite easy to use and available with all kinds of features, from childish and easy ones to professional looking galleries.